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Motorcycle Riding Gear

Riding Gear You Will Want

The difference between a pleasant ride and a miserable or dangerous one isn’t always about the bike or the rider. Sometimes it’s about gear a person is wearing. We have put together a series of useful guides from various online sources. This post should be valuable for several of our riders. Check out any guide […]

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Scantily clad model with a Big Dog Motorcycles Wolf

Bikini Models & Big Dog Motorcycles

Here are the last of the bikini modeling pics from the vault! I’me sure we have more hidden on a hard drive somewhere, so I’ll post them when I find them. Big Dog Motorcycles has a long tradition of models and motorcycles. As times evolve, we will see if the world still loves bikinis and […]

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Unshared videos of Big Dog Motorcycles

Unshared Official Big Dog Videos

We have been producing a lot of videos in recent years at the Big Dog factory. Not all of them have been posted to social media or our blog. This post is a video dump of the random projects that have slipped through the cracks over the last 6-years. Drone Footage – Sturgis SD & […]

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motorcycle rally at Sturgis 2022

Sturgis 2022 Official Events Calendar

Heading to Sturgis in 2022? We hope you have your bikes ready to rock and your accommodations locked down! If you ride a Big Dog Motorcycle and need Big Dog parts, don’t let any more time pass. Get them ordered so you’re ready for the rally! As always, the Sturgis rally is packed full of […]

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Motorcycle Tank Art Gallery

Tanks for Troops Custom Paint Auction

Photo credit: Morgan Gales ( What a great concept for art, motorcycles, and our service members! Tanks for Troops is the concept of Freestyle Motocross legend and reality TV star Carey Hart. The foundation he created is The Good Ride. The proceeds from Tanks for Troops goes to the Infinite Hero Foundation, which connects military, […]

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Experienced rider - new era of motorcyclists

Could The New Era Of Motorcyclists Be Starting?

Fuel Economy Could the new era of motorcyclists be starting? High gas prices always have an impact on the way we live. The change I have noticed is more motorcycles on the road. Bikes have such a high power to weight ratio, even big bikes like our Big Dog Motorcycles get substantially better fuel economy […]

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Big Dog Motorcycles Independence Day Paint

Independence Day 2022!

The History Behind The 4th Of July The Fourth of July—also known as Independence Day or July 4th—has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution. On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and […]

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The love of riding motorcycles post featured Big Dog K9 chopper

The Love of Riding Motorcycles

The love of riding motorcycles: We have all traveled different paths. We’ve found riding in different ways, yet we have all arrived at the same destination. The destination is the journey. The journey is riding. Those of us who share a passion for riding get it. We understand each other on a different level than […]

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Turbo Big Dog Motorcycles at Bonneville

Turbo Ridgeback Custom Big Dog Motorcycle

Check out our video of the Big Dog Motorcycles turbo Ridgeback chopper! We made this video in early Spring, 2022. The bike was parked in the Big Dog Motorcycles factory, looking pretty and doing nothing, so I wheeled it to the parking lot, grabbed the DSLR and captured some videos with a 50mm f1.8 lens. […]

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Prototype V-Twin sport cruiser "Big Dog Boxer"

Big Dog Motorycles Boxer Reveal at Sturgis

This unreleased blog post has been sitting around for a while. The video has been out, but has been unprompted… This is a concept that we were working on several years ago. The blog post went unpublished, so here it is! The Boxer at the Sturgis FXR show Big Dog has deep roots in traditional […]

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