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Unshared videos of Big Dog Motorcycles

Unshared Official Big Dog Videos

We have been producing a lot of videos in recent years at the Big Dog factory. Not all of them have been posted to social media or our blog. This post is a video dump of the random projects that have slipped through the cracks over the last 6-years.

Drone Footage – Sturgis SD & Dillon, CO

This video is a compilation of random footage we captured with a rental drone at Sturgis. We didn’t get to use it as planned, but the company rented the drone so I had to capture something.

Flying the drone – Sturgis, SD and Dillon, CO

Video Blogs With Matt Moore

A while back, I was riding around with Big Dog Motorcycles executive Matt Moore. I asked him some questions and captured his candid, unscripted answers.

Matt Moore talks about who the Big Dog rider is.
Matt Moore talks about motorcycle industry trends in relation to choppers
See more about the EHC solution here
Matt Moore speaks about elements that set Big Dogs apart from other bikes
Matt Moore speaks about utilizing new design concepts on Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog Armory & Cerakoting

Big Dog is now manufacturing guns. We are also a certified cerakote applicator. Although we do a lot of firearms cerakote application, we also cerakote Big Dog parts, aircraft parts, auto parts, and more!

Big Dog Armory – In-house firearms production and cerakoting

American Bagger Industry Party at Sturgis

One of the many events we attended as we made our rounds, shook hands and rubbed elbows with other big names in the custom motorcycle industry.

American Bagger industry party at Sturgis, 2016

Blue K9 – Shipped to Dubai

One of 3 Big Dogs that shipped to Dubai

We’ve got about 50-videos on Youtube at the time of this post. We will continue producing videos for Youtube. We have recently focused a lot on Instagram also. Check out the Big Dog IG profile then follow us on Insta and Youtube to see all of our videos first!

Videos and article by Mike Gamache



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