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Riding Big Dog Motorcycles

Best Roads for Riding In America

Every once in a while, I come across an article or blog post from another source that is worth sharing. Today’s find is the Best Roads for Riding in America. ^Best Roads for Riding In America link^ Instead of recycling the content on our blog, this time I encourage you to click on the link […]

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Building Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog Motorcycles Factory Candid Photography

We are continuing to build bikes and grow the Big Dog Motorcycles brand. As part of our growth, the in-house media team captures candid DSLR photography shots of the shop from time-to-time. The following images have been captured over the first 6-months of 2022. Big Dog Motorcycles K9 frame & motor Fresh out of powder […]

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2001 Big Dog Motorcycles Vintage Sport

Big Dog Motorcycles From Past To Present

Big Dog Motorcycles has been around since the 90s. Always dedicated to iconic and classic styling. This blog post is a showcase of photos from the mid-2000s, 2016, and 2022. Big Dog Motorcycles Early 2000s The following photos are from 2001. Big Dog During The Peak A few years later, Big Dog was leading the […]

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Big Dog Motorcycles Firearms

Big Dog Branded Firearms (316) 260-8039

Limited Edition Big Dog Rifles & Pistols are here! The perfect addition to your arsenal or display! Purchase your limited edition Big Dog firearms before they’re all gone! Pistol chambered in .556/223. 7.5 in BBL.  Our pistols and rifles are produced in small runs. They are limited edition. Make sure to order yours while they […]

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2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 model close up images

2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Video 1

Enjoy the first official video of the 2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 chopper. The 2022 model has a different body profile and lines from the updated, larger gas tank. The K9 now has 5.7 gallon capacity, which is an increase from the previous 4.4 gallon tank. Honeycomb Paint Job The paint was a collaboration between […]

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Big Dog Motorcycles Social Media - Instagram

Official Big Dog Motorcycles Social Media Summer 2022

We hope you have been checking out new Big Dog Motorcycles content and posts on our favorite social media outlets! For those who don’t want to miss any Big Dog Motorcycles pictures, videos, and posts; Here are links to our current social media channels for Summer, 2022. Big Dog Facebook Big Dog Motorcycles Official Facebook […]

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Parts for big dog motorcycles on black background

Parts for Big Dog Motorcycles (316) 260-8039

Visit the link for factory certified OEM parts for Big Dog Motorcycles or call the Big Dog factory directly at (316) 260-8039. The Big Dog Factory is the only provider of official OEM factory certified Big Dog Motorcycles parts. Make sure you give your bike the best quality, performance, and fitment. Only use genuine Big […]

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motorcycle events, biker rallies, parties in 2022

Motorcycle Events in 2022

Check out these motorcycle events in 2022 that we have found around the net! This post is being composed late in April, 2022 so anything from before today will not be included. Thunder Beach Spring Rally Panama City Beach, FL April 27 – May 1, 2022 Thunder Beach has a poker run, parade, custom bike […]

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Drone Shot of new Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Choppers

Test Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers Drone Footage

It was Spring, 2022 at the Big Dog Motorcycles factory in Wichita, KS when we completed this pair of K9 choppers. Brandon and Chris, the builders, were heading out to test ride and break in two Big Dog K9s. As they prepared to ride, I grabbed my drone and DSLR to capture some shots outside […]

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Riding a chopper-style Big Dog Motorcycles K9

2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Chopper Pics

Big Dog Motorcycles is proud to introduce the 2022 K9 chopper with updated 5.7 gallon restyled gas tank design! See the photo gallery at the bottom of the Big Dog K9 page. You asked and we delivered! Now, the iconic, American V-twin production custom K9 chopper has more fuel capacity and sleek new body lines. […]

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