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Scantily clad model with a Big Dog Motorcycles Wolf

Bikini Models & Big Dog Motorcycles

Here are the last of the bikini modeling pics from the vault! I’me sure we have more hidden on a hard drive somewhere, so I’ll post them when I find them.

Female model in coveralls with a Big Dog Motorcycles Wolf model behind her
Never knew coveralls could be so hot!
Model in a mini dress on a Big Dog Motorcycles Wolf
That bike sure looks good from behind!
Big Dog Motorcycles Wolf with a model in a mini dress
Small dress, big bike!
Model standing next to a Big Dog Motorcycle
Stretching out in the sun
The last bikini Big Dog pic from the hard drive. Enjoy!
Love that paint job. The model isn’t bad either!

Big Dog Motorcycles has a long tradition of models and motorcycles. As times evolve, we will see if the world still loves bikinis and bikes the way it used to.

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Remember, if you ride a Big Dog Motorcycle, only use OEM parts on your bike!



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