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motorcycle rally at Sturgis 2022

Sturgis 2022 Official Events Calendar

Heading to Sturgis in 2022? We hope you have your bikes ready to rock and your accommodations locked down!

If you ride a Big Dog Motorcycle and need Big Dog parts, don’t let any more time pass. Get them ordered so you’re ready for the rally!

As always, the Sturgis rally is packed full of events, concerts, entertainment and contests.

Make sure to visit the following link for a countdown to the start of this year’s gathering and roster of events, performances, and full schedule for Sturgis, 2022.

We have made several videos of previous Sturgis rallies. Most are about riding Big Dogs at Sturgis, so make sure to check out our Big Dog Motorcycles YouTube.

This video is a general walk around Sturgis with videos of anything and everything we encountered.

Walking around Downtown Sturgis with Big Dog Motorcyces



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