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Riding Big Dog Motorcycles 2023 K9s

New 2023 Big Dog Motorcycles K9s Video Promo

We all hope you enjoy the new 2023 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 promo video that I just captured with Matt Moore from the Big Dog Motorcycles factory! As the video and marketing guy, I get a lot of cool chances to throw a leg over brand new bikes. There are worse jobs, right? These two […]

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Big Dog Motorcycles Limited Edition Mastiff

How Did You Begin Riding Motorcycles?

How did you begin riding motorcycles? We all have different stories. Every one of us has integrated motorcycles into our lives at different times. Big Dog riders come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We share a strong and dedicated passion for riding and for our bikes. This is my story of how Big Dog […]

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2023 Big Dog Motorcycles "K9" chopper-style twin bike

Happy Fall Riding from Big Dog Motorcycles!

After a long, hot Summer, fall riding season is completely here now. As the resident blogger & media producer, I wanted to take a moment to let you know we’re still here, producing new 2023 Big Dog Motorcycles and OEM Big Dog parts. Fortunately, the reason the blog has slowed down is that I’ve been […]

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2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Chopper

2022 K9 from Big Dog Motorcycles (Black Cherry Flame Paint)

Check out this brand new 2022 “K9” chopper-style bike from Big Dog Motorcycles. It has black cherry paint with a custom flame graphics. This bike was being looked at by Tyler Sims of local business, Flint Hills Roofing CO… He liked it enough that he decided to pick one up for himself! I have wanted […]

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Wolf River Run motorcycle route

Wisconsin Ride – Wolf River Run

Featured Image for Wolf River Run post source is Check out this Wisconsin ride route! The route is approximately 155 miles and about 4-and-a-half hours total according to Rever. Elevation ranges from 800 to 1,800 feet above sea level. The “Wolf River Run” name comes from the parallel section of highway 55 next to […]

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Big Dog Motorcycles favorite motorcycle websites

Favorite Motorcycle Websites, Blogs, & Channels

As I create blog posts, I spend time searching for valuable resources to share. Here are some of my favorite motorcycle websites, blogs, and video channels. The V-Twin Blog – Of course, my favorite V-Twin motorcycle brand is Big Dog Motorcycles, but I like staying informed about the v-twin industry beyond the BDM factory. Motorcycle […]

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Motorcycle riding jacket guide 2022

Motorcycle Jacket Gear Guide

Those of us who ride need a good jacket. All riding jackets are not created equal though. Your gear is an integral part of riding. Make sure you purchase a riding jacket that performs well, and doesn’t just look good online. The following motorcycle jacket gear guide assesses quality and performance at different price points. […]

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Custom Chopper at Born Free 13 Motorcycle Show

Born Free #13 Custom Motorcycle Show

Events like the Born Free show are an exciting inspiration. This Southern California custom motorcycle show has a large focus on choppers and vintage inspired bikes. I love seeing the builder’s visions coming to life in shows like this. At the same time, I love throwing a leg over a Big Dog, taking a ride, […]

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Air Bag Armor - Inflatable protective motorcycle vest

Air Bag Armor For Street Legal Riding

Featured Image from Furygan Fury Air Bag Armor System Moto GP safety technology has hit the streets with air bag armor. Inflatable air protection company In&Motion has teamed up with several companies to produce protective clothing for the every day rider. The In&Motion technology works with jackets, suits, and vests that are designed for […]

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Motorcycle Statistics featured image helmet cam view riding

Interesting Motorcycle Statistics

Check out some the interesting motorcycle statistics I have come across recently. As motorcyclists, we must develop advanced skills to ride safely. We also deal with more challenges and risks than standard automobile drivers. Here are some interesting statistics that apply specifically to motorcyclists. California Loves Motorcycles California has twice as many registered motorcycles than […]

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