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2023 Big Dog Motorcycles "K9" chopper-style twin bike

Happy Fall Riding from Big Dog Motorcycles!

After a long, hot Summer, fall riding season is completely here now.

As the resident blogger & media producer, I wanted to take a moment to let you know we’re still here, producing new 2023 Big Dog Motorcycles and OEM Big Dog parts.

Fortunately, the reason the blog has slowed down is that I’ve been extremely busy, along with the rest of the Big Dog factory team.

With some time on my hands, I want to make sure everyone knew we’re all still here kicking @$$ and taking names!

After an especially brutal Summer and lots of crazy weather events, I couldn’t be more ready for the cool air and fall colors.

I had my first chance to enjoy riding in the cool weather last week, while breaking in a new 2023 Big Dog “Bulldog” performance trike with custom paint.

Fall riding on Big Dog Motorcycles "Bulldog" performance trike

The sun was bright and the air was cool, around 60-degrees Fahrenheit. It was chilly as I accelerated and rode under 60-mph for the first 60-miles. Every time I slowed down or stopped, the bright and direct sunlight warmed my skin up instantly. The U2 song “Beautiful Day” was playing in my head as I enjoyed getting paid to ride. (This job definitely has its perks)

After putting 60-miles or so on the Bulldog, I got on the highway and put another quick 15-miles on it. Then I returned to the Big Dog factory for the tech team to inspect everything for delivery.

Winter Maintenance Season

Some of the people who appreciate the changing of the seasons most are motorcyclists… I consider Winter to be the foundation for the following season. It is the time to turn wrenches, take care of repairs, upgrades, and customization without missing good riding days.

I really enjoy working in solitude, listening to music or audio books. During these moments I am almost performing in a subconscious meditative state.

Other times, I love getting together with friends, shooting the $&!t and helping one another with projects & maintenance.

Remember, there is no better time to order parts for Winter maintenance than in the Fall!

Spring Riding Season

When Spring comes around, the anticipation for good riding weather makes the first months especially enjoyable… Not only has the anticipation ended, The ambiance is just perfect with the sights and smells of freshly bloomed plants, green leaves, grass, and colorful blossoms.

As spring progresses, we all know that riding will be a major part of life for the following 6-9 months. We get to break out the riding gear or break in any new gear that was acquired during the off months.

Another great part of Spring is the beginning of the season’s rallies and events… Many riders feel like the season officially starts with Daytona Bike Week. It is also possibly my personal favorite mass event/rally.

I personally like riding in small groups or solo when I’m not at a rally… When I am at a rally, I end to have the most fun when the bike is parked. Socializing, looking at others’ bikes, and enjoying the sounds and smells of motorcycles all around. Daytona really checks all of the marks for myself. Location, weather, time of year, events, and overall atmosphere.

Summer Riding Season

Once Summer hits, we’ve dialed our bikes in for the season and riding has become the norm, at least until it becomes unbearably hot – depending on location, preference for protective gear, etc… For some of us, it is even nice to take a bit of a break and make sure our bikes are ready for Sturgis or other favorite end of Summer and early Fall events. For others, they just tough out the heat for the love of riding… I want to give credit to all of the hardcore rain, shine, heat, or snow riders as well.

Fall Riding Season

And back to Fall riding, where a rider can enjoy some of the best weather and scenery of the season.

We all come from different locations with different weather… Some times I think maybe it would be nice to live in a place like San Diego, where one can ride any time of year. But for me, I enjoy the changing of the seasons and traveling away from the climate in Wichita, KS to other locations & climates throughout the year.

I think that motorcycle riders, hunters, and farmers are some of the people who enjoy the changing of the seasons the most. I know that I appreciate the seasons much more when I’m riding.

So regardless or where you live, what the climate is like, or what type of riding you like to do, all of the team at the Big Dog Motorcycles factory wishes you a safe and amazing Fall riding season.

Don’t Put Off Your Winter Maintenance

Remember not to put off your Winter maintenance and repairs for too long. Enjoy the downtime and realize that the time off makes the beginning of the next season even better!

Post by Mike Gamache, Director of Marketing.



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