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Riding Big Dog Motorcycles 2023 K9s

New 2023 Big Dog Motorcycles K9s Video Promo

Video Produced by Mike Gamache

We all hope you enjoy the new 2023 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 promo video that I just captured with Matt Moore from the Big Dog Motorcycles factory!

As the video and marketing guy, I get a lot of cool chances to throw a leg over brand new bikes. There are worse jobs, right?

These two 2023 K9s just came off the production line the day before and shipped out to Fury Motorcycle in South St. Paul, MN literally the minute we returned from capturing this video.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Wichita, Kansas, where the Big Dog Motorcycles factory is located.

We had to be careful that the helmet cam’s 3M 2-sided tape didn’t blow off of the helmet, so we avoided the highway and enjoyed the scenic cruise around the Riverside and Downtown Wichita areas.

It’s pretty wild that I’ve been working with Big Dog and riding their motorcycles for 8-years now! What an interesting and exciting ride it’s been!

Although my career in adventure video production sends me in a lot of directions beyond motorcycles, it is always a pleasant return to a familiar past life. A life that is not terribly compatible with my current personal direction, but somehow, I’ve been fortunate to keep it as a part of my life with Big Dog Motorcycles.

Taking out these brand new 2023 Big Dog Motorcycles K9s was definitely a great way to spend part of the day. And there couldn’t have been a better day for a lunch-hour ride!

It was a nostalgic and brief moment enjoying the simple pleasure of cruising in beautiful weather. I was grateful that we did’t have any events to attend, no hands to shake, and no sales to make.

I think about how precious every moment of life is. How each experience is its own unique and special part of my personal story and yours. Riding is one of those experiences, no matter how many rides I’ve been on or how many more are ahead of me.

At this point, I will continue working with Big Dog between my travels and adventures, but I can feel that this life has so much more to offer than I’ve experienced thus-far. Hopefully I can integrate Big Dog into some of my personal travels, stories and adventures to share with you as well!

Remember how precious every moment is. No matter what may be bringing you down, find time to get on the road, put on some miles, maybe just get in the garage and turn some wrenches… No matter what, be grateful for the freedom we all have to take a ride and leave all other problems behind.

Mike Gamache – Big Dog Motorcycles Marketing/Video Director

Make sure you only use Genuine, OEM Big Dog Motorcycles parts on your bike!

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