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Interesting Motorcycle Statistics

Check out some the interesting motorcycle statistics I have come across recently.

As motorcyclists, we must develop advanced skills to ride safely. We also deal with more challenges and risks than standard automobile drivers.

Here are some interesting statistics that apply specifically to motorcyclists.

California Loves Motorcycles

California has twice as many registered motorcycles than any other state, with the exception of Florida… The SouthEastern state is catching up but still lags behind California.

Having spent time in California and Florida, I can see the appeal in CA for many reasons. The weather, dense traffic, legal lane-splitting. It really is a place where motorcycles can make life better.

Source: Statista

New Motorcycle Sales Increased By 67% In 2020 vs. 2019

While many industries in retail and service took a big hit at the beginning of the Covid chaos, Motorcycle sales nearly doubled. It isn’t clear exactly why, but I have a feeling there are several variables that contributed to this phenomenon. A few details may have been lack of access to public transit. Lower average cost of bikes vs. cars. Desire for open air and freedom during lockdown. Among other reasons, pre-owned bikes that needed work may have been fixed during lockdown. Registrations increased even higher than sales during 2020, which indicates preowned transactions would up the percentage if figured into the equation.

Source: Statista

Bikes Are Getting Bigger

20-years ago, only 10% of motorcycles were 1400cc or larger. Today, 35% of bikes are over the same threshold.

Source: IIHS

1/3 Of All Motorcycle Accidents Involve An Intoxicated Rider

This one was a bit surprising to me. I am highly against drinking and riding, but apparently not everyone is on the same page. I think we can do better as a culture of riders. Please wait until you are done riding before you crack that first drink open. Myself and Big Dog Motorcycles want you to read about motorcycle statistics, not become part of this one.

Source: Insurance Information Institute

Rural Areas Have Double The Motorcycle Wrecks vs. The City

Although this statistic has changed several times, at the moment, rural areas see a 2-fold percentage of motorcycle wrecks compared to urban areas. One could draw several conclusions about the cause… Deer, dogs, and wild life likely contribute to rural wrecks. Less caution from drivers and riders in low population areas. Higher average speed in the country roads vs. city streets. Gravel vs. pavement.

The moral of the story is to stay alert and focused everywhere you ride. Don’t let your guard down when you get away from dense traffic situations.

Source: US Department of Transportation

More Interesting Motorcycle Statistics

These are just a few of the interesting motorcycle facts I have found. Make sure to check out the following link for more motorcycle statistics.

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Post by Mike Gamache, Director of Marketing



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