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Air Bag Armor - Inflatable protective motorcycle vest

Air Bag Armor For Street Legal Riding

Featured Image from Furygan Fury Air Bag Armor System

Moto GP safety technology has hit the streets with air bag armor. Inflatable air protection company In&Motion has teamed up with several companies to produce protective clothing for the every day rider. The In&Motion technology works with jackets, suits, and vests that are designed for compatibility.

Types of Trigger Technologies

There are three types of trigger technologies. An automated electronic system that is integrated into the armor itself. An electronic system that uses radio sensors to detect a crash on the bike itself, and a lanyard system that tethers the rider to the bike. Disconnect the tether and Boom! The system deploys. Take your time and research which is the right application for you.

Risk Tolerance

I understand that different riders have different tolerance for risk. This technology may not become common with the V-twin market as fast as some other places. Nonetheless, the airbags have shown to make a substantial difference in a variety of crash scenarios. Inflatable crash protection may be a great option for a passenger, a gift for a new rider in the family, or a great fail safe for a fast-paced ride through the twisties at your favorite rally.

Before you write this concept off, check out the following article at the Motorcycle News website to learn more about inflatable protective motorcycle gear.

Air bag armor - In&Motion vest
In&Motion air bag armor – Image source:

Air Bag Armor: Another Way to Stay Safe

We all know riding comes with inherent risks. That is why motorcycle riders are more alert, skilled, and capable than others. At the same time, we share the concern for any rider that has an accident. The more riders that walk away from an incident, the better. Take a moment to review the linked article above and consider some of the exciting new safety technology!

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