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Parts for Big Dog Motorcycles (316) 260-8039

Visit the link for factory certified OEM parts for Big Dog Motorcycles or call the Big Dog factory directly at (316) 260-8039.

The Big Dog Factory is the only provider of official OEM factory certified Big Dog Motorcycles parts.

Make sure you give your bike the best quality, performance, and fitment. Only use genuine Big Dog Motorcycles parts and accessories.

We are the official Big Dog Motorcycles factory. A lot more happens here than just manufacturing and building American V-twin motorcycles. We also provide parts, tech support, and service for over 30,000 Big Dog Motorcycles that are on the road.

Big Dog Motorcycles is still in the same city as we’ve always been in, Wichita, Kansas.

The original owner, Sheldon Coleman, from the Coleman camping company family, founded Big Dog in 1994.

Big Dog was one of the most exciting American Motorcycle companies. We are one of the only US companies that still produces factory-manufactured v-twin motorcycles, other than Harley Davidson.

We have redesigned our best selling K9 Chopper model for 2022.

Big Dog Motorcycles bring a lot of value to the new bikes market. They come with wide-tires, raked forks, and factory custom painted to your preference.

When compared to Harley Davidson, Big Dog Motorcycles provide more high-end and custom features right on the showroom floor. Our bikes are custom, directly from the factory. You will not need to undo or redo anything that has been designed for your specific bike.

Lots of Big Dog Motorcycles Parts!

With so many of our bikes on the road, we are here to provide parts, like ECM Modules, EHC upgrades/replacements, ignition, fork tubes and complete assemblies, forward controls assemblies, parts, and levers. We can help you out with anything from grips to pegs and clevises. You will find different seat options, handlebars, brake calipers, rebuild kits for brakes and carburetors, oil tanks, cables for clutch, throttle, and brakes. We’ve got the headlights, tail lights, and turn signal (indicator) lights you need. Brake rotors, pads, pulleys, wheels, sprockets and gears are all in our warehouse, and much more!

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Whether you ride a Big Dog Motorcycles Mastiff, Bulldog, K9, Chopper, Boxer, Pitbull, Husky, Wolf, Ridgeback, Vintage Sport, or Prosport, we have parts and service for you!

Give your bike the love it deserves and only use factory certified OEM Big Dog Motorcycles Parts!



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