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Drone Shot of new Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Choppers

Test Riding Big Dog K9 Choppers Drone Footage

It was Spring, 2022 at the Big Dog Motorcycles factory in Wichita, KS when we completed this pair of K9 choppers.

Brandon and Chris, the builders, were heading out to test ride and break in two Big Dog K9s. As they prepared to ride, I grabbed my drone and DSLR to capture some shots outside of the shop.

One of these bikes had the traditional fuel tank and the other had the updated tank with restyled lines and additional fuel capacity. I had to avoid revealing the new tank design at the time I shot and edited the video. I did not want to provide a clear view of the tanks.

This was my first attempt capturing moving subjects with a new drone… Working with the builders to capture these shots was an enjoyable challenge. One of the many fun parts of the custom motorcycle factory job. I don’t mind the times when I get paid to ride the bikes either.

The Custom Motorcycle Industry in 2022 and Later

It is an exciting moment to be involved in the custom production motorcycle industry. It is a time where we have deep roots and now there are new generations of prospective riders. Riders who may have little exposure to v-twin motorcycles and culture. Riders who will love this life when they come to know about it.

Choppers have become less of a mainstream fad and more of a diehard enthusiast’s form of self expression. That is just fine with us! We love having the most passionate and dedicated riders as our main customer base.

As we move into 2022 and beyond, I feel more confident than ever that Big Dog has its place among new, younger riders. At the same time, we will continue to serve our passionate riders from older generations with more traditional stylistic preference.

To young riders who are interested in big v-twin bikes, but a little intimidated, that’s okay. Don’t feel bad about starting with a much smaller, lighter bike at first. Spend some real seat time. Enjoy every moment, be cautious, and put in the hours to earn your stripes. It won’t take long until riding becomes second nature. Then, you will be ready for a bigger badder better bike!

Don’t just dream about riding a new Big Dog. Contact us to learn about building your own custom Big Dog.

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2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Chopper parked in the grass
2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 with redesigned fuel tank and lines

Remember to only use genuine factory-certified parts for your Big Dog Motorcycle!

Article and video by Mike Gamache



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