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2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Chopper parked in the grass

Big Dog Motorcycles; Building and Growing Through Covid and Beyond!

It has been a wild ride the last few years, hasn’t it!

Big Dog has been redeveloped to work in harmony with the economy as that economy experiences different conditions.

Yes, we’ve largely been absent from social media. That isn’t because we went anywhere. We’ve just been busy manufacturing bikes and providing genuine OEM parts, even during the peak of covid.

One of the most exciting announcements we have is the re-designed 2022 K9. Check out the following image, Then visit the K9 page for more pics and info!

2022 Big Dog Motorcycles K9 Chopper parked in the grass

Something else cool for 2022: We have developed the Big Dog Bulldog sport trike.

Red Trike Motorcycle - Big Dog Bulldog

We are now producing videos and capturing professional photographs daily and sharing weekly. We are on many social media channels daily and will soon be posting on Instagram again (once the internet gremlins unlock our account)

Make sure to follow all of our social media accounts!

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Remember, only Big Dog Motorcycles provides genuine factory certified OEM Parts.

We are more excited than ever about continuing to present the iconic, American made Big Dog Motorcycles to the world.

Make sure to say hi on your favorite social media channel. We love to see pics and videos of our riders on their Big Dogs. We will also be traveling and making appearances at rides and events. Feel free to say hi to us and show us your Big Dog!

Post by Mike Gamache – Director of Marketing / Video Producer

Mike Gamache Wheelie



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