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Background video Scenic Sturgis Riding Footage on Big Dog K9 Choppers

Scenic Sturgis Riding Footage | Big Dog Motorcycles

Enjoy this robotically-stabilized Scenic Sturgis Riding Footage in the background of your shop, bar, office or home.

Add this video to your favorites and bring beautiful Sturgis weather with you no matter where you are.

I captured this footage while riding a Limited Edition 2016 Big Dog K9 Chopper at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

I love riding in the Black hills and around Sturgis.

Whether you stop or not, it is pretty cool riding past Mt. Rushmore and Crazyhorse.

At Sturgis 2006, I remember being stopped by a park ranger while wild buffalo crossed the road. I’m pretty sure the ranger’s firearm was a Desert Eagle or some high-caliber handgun. I mean what would a 9mm do to stop a charging Buffalo?

Towards the end, you will see Matt Moore riding the same bike I captured the helmet cam footage from, while I shoot video from the back seat of a Harley.

This video also features riders from a Big Dog Owners Group forum.

This Sturgis was a great time. Like always, we were very busy. We revealed the new Big Dog Boxer at the FXR show, we attended multiple industry events, We rode with the Big Dog Owner’s Group,  and we were shooting video every bit of the way.

A drone was rented for this trip, but I was shut down when I tried to fly it on Main Street, so I shot this video instead.

If you want to see some off the high lights from our Sturgis rides, check out these two videos: Sturgis 1 Sturgis 2

Then check out our favorite vid from this Sturgis (3)

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Scenic Sturgis Riding Footage

Video production and article by Mike Gamache



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