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Daytona Bike Week The Broken Spoke

Daytona Bike Week – Big Dog at the Broken Spoke

Here is more of the footage from the Limited Edition Big Dog Mastiff reveal at the Broken Spoke during Daytona Bike Week.

During this trip, I rode the Mastiff that we revealed.

When I arrived, we unloaded the bikes. I watched Matt wheel the Limited Edition Mastiff out of the trailer. He leaned it towards me so that I could grab the handle bars. As I took the weight of the bike, he said “This is what you’ll be riding this week”

The bike had six-miles on it when he handed me the keys.

I didn’t know what the plan was until anything happened. I carried my gopro with me everywhere and captured random shots of whatever I could.

I did not know the Mastiff was to be the centerpiece of the night until I was told to park fifty-feet from the side of the stage.

One of the fun things that happened at the Broken Spoke at Daytona is that the band, Hairball invited me up onto stage to capture some video for our project, and to share with them.

I do not speak or perform in front of an audience often. Walking on stage in front of a large crowd of cheering riders was an exciting moment.

When I started riding the Limited Edition Mastiff, it had six-miles on it. At the end of the trip, I had, ridden for about two-hundred-and-forty miles.

Daytona was my first experience with Big Dog Motorcycles. Since then, I have produced many videos with them, and will release many more in the future.

I’m looking forward to our next trip to Daytona Bike Week. This was the exciting beginning of Big Dog’s new online video department. As time passes, we plan a strong focus on web video and social media. Check back often and subscribe to the Big Dog Youtube and Facebook to keep up with out latest videos, news, and posts!

Remember to give your bike the love it deserves. Only use genuine OEM parts for your Big Dog!

Daytona Bike Week – Big Dog at the Broken Spoke

Big Dog Motorcycles Video Producer

Mike Gamache

Article and Video by Mike Gamache, Adventure Videographer



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