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Drone Footage from Sturgis, SD

Sturgis and Summit County Drone Footage

On this trip to Sturgis, Big Dog rented a drone. Unfortunately, we were not legally able to fly it in town, so I captured some downtown rally footage with the intention of giving Big Dog a return on the drone rental.

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The only footage I captured in the Sturgis area was in front of our rental house. Then I stopped by a scenic overlook in Wyoming.

When I arrived home to Summit County, the drone video got a bit odd… My friend that just purchased this Slingshot drove by my parking space in Breckenridge. As I approached him in the parking lot, he waved at me and tossed me the keys. After stopping by my now my wife’s work and getting a quick laugh from her, I cruised to my home in Dillon, Colorado on the other side of the lake.

Equipped with Big Dog’s rental drone and this interesting machine, I stopped in a few of my favorite places on the lake with the drone.

I wish I were able to capture drone video over Lazelle st… I’ve seen other downtown Sturgis drone videos online but I also know that they could receive a hefty fine later. I guess it worked out for the best this time.

The footage that I captured on Lazelle and Main Street was definitely fun to capture. It was my only chance to just walk around and enjoy checking everything out on my own.

Don’t worry, there will be more drone footage in the future!

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Sturgis and Summit County Drone Footage

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