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Bike week - Daytona Ride with Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog Motorcycles Daytona Ride

The Daytona ride was a fun part of our trip to Bike Week.  A Big Dog Motorcycles owner’s group  organized this ride. I was just a follower on this part of the adventure.

I was riding the brand new Limited Edition Mastiff that we revealed on stage at the Broken Spoke Saloon.

This bike had six-miles on it at the beginning of the trip, but by the end there was well over two-hundred-miles on it… The Limited Edition Mastiff went straight to the sales floor after we revealed it at the Broken Spoke Saloon, so we did not take any long rides on this trip.

When I shoot video at rallies, I rarely know what is happening. I just come along for the ride and make sure the camera is rolling wherever we end up.

The Daytona ride started at a fish/crab restaurant. Then we explored a beautiful palm-covered road that wound through lakes and swamps. Finally, we ended up at Flagler Beach where we all parted ways. Many of us got together later for the Limited Edition Mastiff reveal at the Broken Spoke.

I have ridden with a large group of Big Dog riders three times thus far. This was my first time to ride with a hand full of them.

Big Dog riders are great to cruise with. Passionate about their Big Dogs, knowledgable about mechanical issues, and they possesses a certain element of class that I definitely don’t see in many random riders.

I’m grateful to come to events with Big Dog Motorcycles. Meeting riders like this group is one of many perks of the job.

I look forward to more rides and events where I get to hang out with the enthusiasts that I’ve ridden with and meet new people who are passionate about Big Dog Motorcycles.

Make sure to only use genuine Big Dog parts on your bike!

Big Dog Motorcycles Daytona Ride

Article and video by Mike Gamache – Big Dog Video Guy

Big Dog Motorcycles Video Producer

Mike Gamache



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