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Nice location - Main Street at Daytona Bike Week still

Main Street – Daytona Bike Week

Here’s some raw footage from Main Street at Daytona Bike Week.

This was my first event to attend and ride at with Matt Moore and Big Dog Motorcycles.

It was very last-minute and I almost didn’t go. Thank goodness I did. This was the beginning of what looks to be an amazing adventure I hope to enjoy over many years.

Like every debut, we were making last-minute mods to the new Limited Edition Big Dog Mastiff we planned to reveal to the world.

After we were done completing the build on the road, I jumped on the new Mastiff, which had six-miles on the odometer… At the end of the rally, it had nearly 300 🙂

This video was captured from the balcony of an important industry figure’s Main Street loft in downtown Daytona Beach.

After making an appearance, I threw on the GoPro and convinced Matt to take his first cruise down Main Street, although he has been attending Daytona Bike Week every year for over a decade.

You will notice the evolution of production quality when you compare this video to new videos that we are shooting in present-day.

This first project and many more were captured on a Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition. Now we are shooting on a Sony A7 DSLR, which has really increased production value.

After attending Daytona with Big Dog for the first time, I produced the following video.

Ownership was stoked, so I was offered the gig to travel to Sturgis to produce more videos.

Make sure to subscribe to the Big Dog Motorcycles Youtube and check out the channel for the Sturgis videos I mentioned above.

As we move into 2018, we are preparing to release a documentary about the history of, and new beginning for Big Dog Motorcycles. It will include some of the videos you have already seen on our Youtube channel, along with a lot of new content and interviews to bring the story together.

Remember to only use genuine Big Dog Motorcycles parts for the best performance, quality, and fitment!

Main Street – Daytona Bike Week

Video Production and article by Mike Gamache



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